We had to check in one hour before leaving France. We were obliged to hang a special card on the rear-view mirror stating the number of people travelling in the car and the ferry number.
If somebody is in the wrong queue, he needs to leave the queue before boarding the ferry which means that he was waiting for one or more hours in vain.
In case of travelling with an animal, the animal has to be left in the car during the journey but the passengers have to get out of the car. Our ferry was huge. There were cars, lorries and trucks on three floors. Self-service shops, McDonalds, a huge café, a cinema, money-exchange, a lift and gambling machines…everything. After half an hour of travelling, we reached the English coast.
Rain and cooler air welcomed us after the Hungarian heat-wave. I was lucky to take some warmer clothes with me.? In England there is not a lot of rain but it often rains. Drivers from other countries have to be careful about driving on the left. It is easy to drive in cities in England as not only traffic signs show you the rules but also everything you need to know is painted on the asphalt. You can park in the parking areas of bigger supermarkets for free but only for 2 or 3 hours because there are cams so you can’t exceed this time. There are many cashier’s desks and the cashier calls the next customer by saying ’next please’.
The English are very helpful and polite.

On our way home we had a puppy with us. The nice hospitable English couple gave us the puppy’s documents including a pet passport on my name. With this I could prove at the borders that I was not bringing the puppy in for commercial reasons. There is the puppy’s microchip number and the given injections stated in the pet passport. He did not need rabies injection because of his age. In France it is compulsory to inoculate every pup at the age of 12 weeks against rabies. These rules only apply to puppies exported from the UK. Importing has other, even stricter rules.
It was interesing for me that arriving in France the English cars were tagged by special stickers which modify the way of the headlights because of the reverse traffic.
There were some petrol stations in Belgium where we had to pay in advance and put the petrol in the car only afterwards and only the correct amount you have paid for.

Our journey was tiring but wonderful. We came home with a beautiful, calm and balanced pup whose name is Nadal. He had no problems during the long journey. He ate and drank when we stopped at resting places, also peed and pood then.? He slept through the whole journey. He also fitted in my pack fast.
I hope I will have the chance in the future to visit England again with Nadal to a dog show.
I would like to thank Brian, Margaret and Jane for trusting me with this beautiful English gentleman!