I have been loving animals since my childhood. All I could have home were cats and hamsters. I tried to have snails and big caterpillars as pet, but I found quickly out that the balcony was not an ideal place for them.

When I got married, we moved to the country from Budapest. I am lucky enough that my husband has always supported my ideas. We were planning together what breed of dog to have in our house with garden. First we had Great Danes, they had a long and nice life with us. They left a gap that could not be filled.

We started to look for other dogs. We wanted a breed which could get well along with our ferrets. One of my dear friends, Dominó Dalma suggested me to buy an English Setter. So we bought a lovely English Setter male puppy, Rénó. It was a love at first sight.

We got to know the dog world of dog shows with Rénó where we found lots of friends. Sadly our second English Setter, Dante could spend only a short time with us, we lost him by a car accident. Than we thought not to have any other setters any more.

The time did not ease his absence but made it more worrying.We could not stand living without another setter. Our first successful show dog was Chanel, she was followed by Justin and Angel. Our new hope Nadal coming to England, what we want to thanks to Eva Mod! Started from a good basis we hope to be able to breed nice and healthy English Setters.

My younger dauther, Margaréta helps me to breed and train our dogs. She understood even in her younger age that animals require lots of love, care, vocation. We are preparing our setters to the shows together and she helps me to present them int he ring.

I thank everybody for the support, for the help granted
to us so that we could come so far and hope to spend lots of time together next to the ring.

We thank Ildikó and László (Slox Fox Kennel) and Brian and Margaret (Swannery Kennel) to have trusted us and that these wonderful dogs can live with us.

We would be pleased if our kennel completed the shows with nice and successful English Setters and could bring much joy to our puppy buyers.